Saturday, January 16, 2010

How to make a cosmetic bag - beginners may get a bit frustrated....

Gotta hand it to you Darbs, these tutorials aren't the easiest things in the world!!!

1) Pattern. You need two co-ordinating fabrics and batting. Make the pattern out of the batting.
Pattern should be 9" at the top, 11 1/2" at the bottom and 7 1/2" in depth. Lay all fabrics out. You will need two pieces of each fabric cut right sides together. Cut both fabric and lining. Then cut 2 pieces of batting. Almost forgot to will need 3/8 of a yd. of all fabrics. That will get you 2 cosmetic bags. I also use an 11 " zipper.

2) Sew left side of right side of zipper to top of right side of fabric

3) Then sew right side of the right side of the zipper to right side of other piece of fabric.

4) Turn and press.

5) Sew right side of zipper and right side of fabric to right side of lining and batting (all pieces)

6) Turn and press

7) This is what it should look like at this point (unzipped)

8) Sew right sides together stitching through the zipper. Make sure zipper is unzipped halfway. Leave a 4" opening on the lining side for turning.

9) Make 2" dog ears and sew )these are tricky. What you do is you will take your fabric and line the bottom and side seams up and then pen them. The 2 in. should be measured from the point. You will do this on the fabric and the lining. You should sew the main fabric and the batting together.

10) Trim off those dog ears and trim seams. Turn fabric

11) This is what it looks like!!!
(after pressing) oh, almost forgot,,,,sew a closure in the bottom of the lining of the bag

12) Find a cute little ornament to add to the bag and hot glue it on

13) Find a little co-ordinating ribbon to tie onto the zipper

These really are a lot easier than they seam (no pun) just takes time and a little patience.
Good luck chickies!


  1. Make me one! Make me one! I love you!

  2. I will! I will! I love you too!!! (and miss you girly!0