Monday, January 18, 2010

Inspirations - Especially for Spotlight on Art

I am so excited that Spotlight on Art (Trinity School) has asked me to blog about the inspirations behind my art. I have to admit though, sometimes I'm inspired, sometimes it just flows out of this hole I have in my head! (I'm serious....not really). BTW, I only paint from memory and only abstract, so if someone asks me to paint photo realism I'd probably throw paint all over the room from frustration. Anyway, I've been a busy painter and here are 6 new pieces...

"Fowl in the Brush"
I live at Reynold's Plantation in Greensboro, Georgia. I am SO lucky to get to see the wildlife that comes off the water. On the 13th hole of the Creek Club golf course here at Reynolds, the fowl are so plentiful and beautiful. I had to paint my vision of the fowl.

"Sweet Angels"
This is part of a series of angels that I am doing. I lost my childhood best friend 2 years ago and every time I paint an angel painting I think of her. Actually there is not a day that goes by that I don't think of her. Her name was Becky.

"Trees of Life"
I love trees. Any trees. I love to paint trees. The only inspiration here is that I love trees!
(I also LOVE the color green)

"The Cello"
Hum, not really sure why I painted this....Remember that hole in my head?
but I really, really, love it!!

"The Guitar"
I have a friend who is a musician. His name is Kix Brooks. You may have heard of him. Anyway, I asked him to send me a pic of his favorite "gitar". So he did. I studied it, threw the pic away and painted on. It definitely doesn't look like his favorite "gitar". But still the same, it's just a "gitar". In perfect Nashville slang.

"Atlanta Skyline"
Creason Clayton was a very, very well known artist in Nashville where I lived for 10 years. He has since passed away and that's a terrible loss for Nashville. When I left, my best friends gave me one of Creason's "Skyline of Nashville". So, Creason inspired me to paint my own "Atlanta Skyline". It's ruff, but I love ruff art!!!

Well there ya have it! 6 new pieces. These will be showing up at the art show which will start February 15 and go till the 20th. It is something EVERYONE should try to attend. Some amazing artist will be showing their work.

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