Friday, January 29, 2010


"Lollipop Love"
3 yr old project for Trinity School Spotlight on Art

Just want to talk I am one of the lucky new artist displaying work at this amazing event. And when I say amazing, I mean AMAZING. I've never, ever, ever seen moms (and dads) work on something like these ladies and gents. So organized. These chickies have this thing down to a science. How wonderful to work so hard for the greater good of your children. The school is Trinity School in Atlanta. They have some truly incredible artist participating. Like my idol Steve Penley. They also asked some of the artist to work with the classes to paint their own projects. They will sell them in the silent and live auction. Fingers crossed that my class makes it to the LIVE!!! I worked with the 3 yr. old class and I can't tell you how fun that was. Cutest kids you've EVER seen! oh I had the best day there!
Just a sample of the work I will be displaying: after that, scroll on down and enter my contest to win my painting "Pansies" !! just 4 more days!! come on, you can do it!!!

"Angel Love"
for Spotlight on Art

"Three Trees II"

My cosmetic bags will also be available at the Artist Market!


  1. these are awesome! I'm definitely going to head over to Spotlight on Art- have heard such great things!

  2. If only I was as talented as you! And if I lived in Atlanta, I would be there! Everything is so beautiful! I just know it will be snatched up!

  3. Kendall,
    Inspired by the range of your work and the brightness of your blog. Look forward to meeting you at Spotlight on Art!