Sunday, January 17, 2010

Serious obsession

I told you I have a serious obsession with crafting didn't I???
If you can't birthday is 08/08/????

Haha! I just realized this is upside down....oops! anyway....
when I get something in my head I will go to the end of the earth to find it. Hence this machine. Called the Xyron. When I found it I "HAD" to have it. It is a vinyl monogrammer. Let me show you what I did with it. First of all, for my 49th birthday, I had a bunch of folks over and didn't want to pull out the Silver Oak (hum) as a party favor, so I bought a bunch of 2 buck chuck (don't tell anyone), soaked off the label and did this:

As you can see it's empty. (don't worry, it was full when I gave it to them!) I actually tied a fortune cookie and a lottery ticket on the top of the bottle.....I stole that too.

Here's another example of what you can do with this amazing machine!

I love my vinyl monogrammer.

but I bet there's a ton of them on ebay. Word of warning. There are some compatibility issues with this machine and since I'm a Mac girl, I had to download all kinds of stuff for me to be able to use it. Now THAT was irritating.

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