Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Okay, here we go with the photo album.....

First things first.....this will be on the first page of my photo album
Evey G - my g-baby

2nd page....my crazy family! As you can see we never have any fun together!

Here we go. Start with a cheap photo album. I think I bought this at Michaels for 3.99
***Take a tape measure and wrap the tape measure from end to end with the album closed. Then measure top to bottom. Add 5/8" for the seam allowance

You will need 3/8 of a yard of main fabric and batting and 3/8 of a yard of contrasting fabric (you will have lots of the contrasting fabric left)

You will cover the inside of the book flap with the contrasting fabric. I turned under the top and bottom seams and hot glued them onto the front part of the album

Lay the right side of the main fabric on top of the batting with the lining on top with right sides together. Then lay contrasting flaps about cut about 5" with one side seam finished. This will be the flap that will show on the inside of the album. Leave about a 3" opening at the end for turning. Sew away!

This is what it should look like before you put it on the album

Here's the inside of the album

Tie a pretty little ribbon around it and there you have it........

Your cheap little photo album (but no one has to know!!!!)
P.S. - this is really cute monogrammed but you must monogram the fabric before cutting out. I would also monogram with the batting for texture.
Have fun chickies!

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  1. YAY!!! Finally something in all the millions of blogs that I read that I have/can do!!! I use to make these a long time ago, BUTTTTTTTTT yours looks a thousand times better. Think about it...I didn't sew anything...only used the hot glue gun!! YIKES!!! Yours is professional looking and beautiful:)