Friday, January 22, 2010

It's a Vegetable Beef/cornbread kinda night

This is my grandmother's yummy, and I mean yuuuummmmmmie vegetable beef soup recipe. Key is to let it simmer for about 2 1/2 hours.

Here we go!
Start with one very tarnished copper soup pot

Brown about 1 1/2 lbs of stew meat with some garlic and sea salt
oh, add a little EVOO

1) 2 large cans of diced tomatoes
2) 1 package of Bear's Creek Vegetable beef soup mix
3) 1 can of tomato sauce
4) 4 small cans of white shoepeg corn (optional)
5) 1 handful of rice
6) 1 handful of elbow macaroni
7) Sea salt and pepper
oh, and the stew meat (but that's been covered)

After the stew meat browns, dump in all ingredients EXCEPT the macaroni and rice. Add about a can full of water

A round soup bone. Not a square one, not one of those random looking weird shaped ones, but a ROUND one. Just ask the butcher. The key is the marrow that comes out of the inside. ewe?

Almost done! after simmering for 2 1/2 hrs. About 1 hour before serving add 1 handful of rice and one handful of macaroni (don't let it burn!)

Now to the dessert:
My friend Cindy Sturdivant's corn bread...OMG just kill me right here, it is THAT good.....she told me she would have to kill me if I give out her secret ingredient, but I'll take my chances.

White Lily Cornmeal mix
Follow directions....
The key is to add 1/2 stick of butter to a VERY hot iron skillet..
oh, notice this butter....I'm a big fan of Plugra butter,,,,oh my, be still my hungry, salivating heart.

Mix it all up in a red bowl...well, I guess it could be green, or white, I'm just a red girl. (cause they match the bottom of my favorite shoes.

Get that iron skillet really, really hot in a 425 oven

Lookin good yet? just wait!

There's that Plugra butter (found at Publix)

Hungry yet? (and it's not even 7 a.m) we had this last night

Enjoy Chickies...Sissy (my grandmother would be SO proud!)


  1. YUM! I think I need to make it this weekend...if though Eric doesn't like vegetable beef soup. Maybe I can call it something different and he will eat it??

  2. Looks yummy!! Naw..Glad to share an old family secret...Actually, I combined Willie Mae Reed's recipe..and my mom's..Willie Mae is a cook that raised my husband and then came to work for us when we got married..This is funny..He asked me on our honeymoon..Is it okay if Wllie Mae comes and helps you out to cook and clean?? I was like HELL YEAH!!! So, she did and then got sick but she is still alive and doing well... Recipe...1 cup of MARTHA WHITE's Buttermilk cornmeal..1 lg egg and 1 cup of the half stick of SALTED BUTTER...Make sure the skillet is hot before you pour in your mixture..It is yummy....Can't wait to make your soup KENDOO...

  3. oops. I meant Martha White cornmeal.......