Sunday, January 24, 2010

I have gotten sidetracked....or maybe obsessed (with food?)

I've gotten sidetracked!!! What am I doing? I am supposed to be blogging about my art for Spotlight on Art (Trinity School), and I'm doing FOOD and arts, and crafts, and family and so on and so on and so on. SO I'll stop it right now!!! From now on until the art show, I'm blogging

"The Lost Boat"

30 x 30 Mixed media on canvas

A storm was approaching out here at Lake Oconee. I looked outside to see a boat had gotten loose from it's owner. Possibly one from the Nature Center next door. I was looking at the sky and it was this dreary yet beautiful bluish green color. So this is it....The lost boat

"God's Soldiers"

20 x 24 mixed media on canvas

I have to admit, I have worried in the past that my angels are too bold, too strong, not soft enough like we envision. You know, the sweet little angels you see all over the place. Well a friend of mine the other day told me that in the Bible angels are considered God's soldiers. That they really look strong [like soldiers] because they take care of us. WOW!!! I loved hearing that! I love my angel series and hope you will too!


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