Friday, January 15, 2010

When I can't sleep I paint. Step two of the Atlanta skyline!

Essential tools:

This fluffy brush. It doubles as a make-up brush, and a basting brush (if you cook).
I'll show you later what I'm going to do with it...(after I put on my make-up)

Charcoal pencils for outlining your subject which by the way, I forgot to show you how to do. Don't worry, it wasn't too exciting!

I added more blue and darkened up the bottom (can you see the texture?) This was after I scraped off the dunkin donuts excess coffee. (no, I threw it away)

I missed the step where I drew out the outline of the skyline. I know this isn't perfect (cause it's not supposed to be!!! I also couldn't fit the entire skyline in, so I just did half

Not finished yet!!! It's gonna be messy-er! (that's where that fluffy brush comes in. Stay tuned!

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