Sunday, January 31, 2010

A Simple Little Sewing Project

How to cover a cube......
Like these.....

when I say simple, I mean really, really simple. First of all, when I started this I realized my sewing machine wasn't working. arggggg. After a few choice words I did this:

So....always the one to improvise (that should be the name of my to improvise). anyway hot glue gun to the rescue! See how simple this sewing project is??? you don't even need a sewing machine!

First things first.
I found these cubes at IKEA oh, be still my heart. I LOVE that place. Second thing, the fabric on these cubes came from Lewis and Sheron oh be still my heart. I LOVE that place.

Now, this is what the cube (49.00) looks like (after you do a simple put together)

1) Measure the top both ways and add 1/2". This was 20 1/2" square.

2) Measure the length and add 1/2" for the seam at the top and 1 1/2" for the hem. This length was 14 1/2". so....14 1/2 + 1/2" + 1 1/2" = what......I think 16 1/2" correct?

3) Measure all around the cube and add 1" for the seam allowance. (that would be 1/2" per side) This one was 83" (with the 1" allowance)

Now, cut out the square top and cut out the skirt (the 83" x 16 1/2 piece)

On the skirt turn under 1/2" and press

Then turn under 1" and press.

Get that glue gun good n hot (but don't burn will never forgive me)

Glue the hem of the skirt.

Then turn under one side of the skirt 1/2" and press. Lay that turned under side over the other side of the skirt by 1/2". Then hot glue that. This would be wrong side over right side (I could explain this better if I was sewing it.) This will make a complete circle in the skirt.

Now, fold that skirt in half starting at the seam point and clip or mark the opposite side. Put the seam and that clip together and do the same thing on the two opposing sides. This will mark the four corners of your top piece so you will be exactly on target when gluing the top piece to the skirt. Sorry no pic for this ooops.

Pin the top piece (right sides together) to the skirt. Be sure to match the corners with the clip or markings. Be sure to notice what a mess my art/craft room is...oopsy.

Hot glue the entire area that is pinned. Hot glue between the fabrics right where the pin is attached.
Turn right side out.
This is the outcome! I don't plan to use this fabric, just had some leftovers for the demo.

And... I have to show you what my friend Mike Johnson made for Callen's sleeping porch. Oh summer, please get here!

Good luck Chickies! oh,,,,,don't forget! contest ends tomorrow. Scroll down to enter!


  1. Those outdoor beds look fantatic!!! Great job Kendoo

  2. Plus, thanks for the info to cover a cube...Very informative...You might turn me into a crafty person yet!!

  3. Thanks for the cube inspiration! I'll have to do that somewhere in the new house.