Sunday, June 26, 2011

All About Toms!

okay,,,,you do know about these wonderful little shoes don't you???
The ones that give a pair of shoes to a child in need for each pair that you buy.
Well, the designs are getting better and better....AND
they've joined the wedding frenzy (along with J Crew, Ann Taylor, and a whole slew of other stores that have been ingenious in marketing for weddings)
Just thought I'd show you a few little goodies that I LOVE!

and they're cheap!

 Really, I have to have these,,,,I'm serious.

 On to the wedding designs!

 SOLD, Evey's gettin these....

Sold, Bennetts gettin these

and finally, you know I'm a shoe lover......As a matter of fact, my new MOB shoes just came in,,,,
Oh be still my shoe lovin heart.
Since I made my dress, I splurged on a pair of Louboutins. Perfectly appointed for my dress. (I must say I have had to practice walking in these things.  But they go with everything.  (I was going to match a Chanel clutch with them until I realized that mother would have wanted me to carry one of her needlepoint bags.)  "E" told me nothing over 4" but I had already bought these 5 1/2" numbers,,,um, I SO hope I don't trip.
The bag and the shoes will be a perfect combination don't you think?
For the reception?  I'll be wearing flip flops.....or maybe a pair of Toms!!!
I'll be ready to dance the night away!!!

And,,,, Callen's new dance shoes....They were sold out every where, so momma found them on ebay for her.  She was dying for these.
Dont' forget
have a wonderful Sunday y'all
and Chi rock girl,,,,are you reading my mind or something?
God sent me an angel yesterday.  Thank you!


  1. My baby girl has red ones- they are so darling in the baby size 5! Just emailed "J" about them this week :-)
    I have a recenty wed friend who wore blue Toms!

  2. AHHH I have been dying for those as well. I LOVE the cream lace toms! I'm so glad you found them for her, they're impossible to find!

  3. I LOVE your shoes!!!!! Was going to advise you NOT to wear heels but as reading this I remembered the wedding is NOT in your yard:) SO....WEAR THOSE HEELS!!!!!!