Monday, June 6, 2011

The Best Pimento Cheese Ever!!!

For those of you out there who LOVE pimento cheese (like W)  here's the recipe I use.  I don't really know  how I started making this particular version, but "W" loves, loves, loves it!!!
First of all, I wish you could have seen my refrigerator yesterday.  What is it about coming off a really good "feel bad" to a dirty refrigerator?  I don't know, but for some reason I always clean out the fridge after I feel yuck. And this is was a good example of a nasty fridge! 
Seriously?  I mean really, we're not in college anymore. (and I really) can't believe I showed you that picture.
Now, this is what cha need. (I forgot to put the pimentos in!,,,chopped)
be sure and eat some potato chips while you're makin this
oh wait!  I forgot the mayo too!  haha, okay this coming from a family consisting of total mayo haters.  Which brings me to another point (sorry) But, how come you mayo haters that are all "out" there about hating mayo, gagging when you see it (I'm shaking my head while I talk) hate mayo, but looooove it in cooked dishes and stuff like pimento cheese and egg salad.  Makes no sense to me.
Oh well, anyway the only kind of mayo I use is Dukes.  Remember the name, D.U.K.E.S.
Now, mix up two bags of SHARP "Fancy" Shredded cheese with about 1 cup of mayo.  Stir and add mayo until you get the consistency you desire.  I like it just like this.
 add about 1/3 cup of this with a little of the juice
 and about this much chili powder
 then smash up a large clove of garlic.  Mix it all up really well and serve as a sandwich or dip
10 bucks say my kids go out and get some of this and make it today!!
Have a great one y'all!

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  1. Pimento cheese is a favorite of ours, and this recipe looks delish!! Can't wait to try ~