Thursday, June 30, 2011

How to make a Flower Pen

I know I've told you about this wonderful little shoppe in Homewood, Alabama called White Flowers haven't I?  Well, they sell these beautiful flower pens.  Um,,,,that I decided I could "make" instead of "buy.
I wanted them to embellish some gifts I have for some of my best buds that are giving Callen her Bridesmaid's luncheon.  (If any of you hostesses are reading,,,,turn your computer off!)
First, here's the finished product.  They are just a little time consuming but worth every minute of it!
Here's what cha need:
One artificial flower (get a good one)
Wire cutters
a pen (I used a roller ball) (the kind with a top and bottom)
Floral tape
Hot glue gun
 First take your wire cutters and cut the pen holder off the pen
 Cut the flower off at the very top (if it's a good flower it will stay in tact)
 Put a big glob of hot glue in the middle (underneath) side of the flower and glue it to the top.  Hold it steady until the glue dries.  This may take about 10 minutes but you want to make sure it's straight
 take a couple of the leaves from the flower and glue it like this
 take the floral tape and start wrapping from the top making sure the sticky side of the tape is down
 It should look like this
 now cover the bottom of the pin like so
 both sides
 starting at the top, start wrapping making sure that you overlap the tape
 when you reach the bottom, wrap back up to the top
 There ya have it!
 Have a wonderful Thursday y'all!  I'm gettin my house ready for ALL of my kids to come home for the 4th!

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