Monday, June 13, 2011

Wedding Guest Books

Oh my, let me tell you how many "cheesy" wedding guest books there are out there.
Which brings me to the reason I made Jordan's and Eric"s for their wedding.
Unfortunately I may or may not have time to make Callen's and Andy's.
So, as I was searching the world wide web, I came across some that I [sort of] like.
and....the one that we chose.
So here we go.
Any suggestions on where to look? I've tried Etsy.

 and finally?  the one we chose.  This is a base for a slew of embellishments.  My mom left us a multitude of laces to choose from for weddings and I will be embellishing this with some of her antique lace.  I think it will be beautiful when finished!
and the pen

Have a great Monday y'all!
Me? I have a crane coming to take two trees off of my house.
Then the construction begins.


  1. My favorites are the monogrammed ones and the simple gray one with a ribbon/bow.

  2. Do you have any idea where to find that first guest book you have shown on here. I looked on Etsy.. got thru about 120 pages but there are over 12,000 of them. If you know where I could order that, please let me know by commenting back. Thank you!!!

  3. Hi A,
    I believe that may have come from White Flowers in Birmingham, AL. They now have a website and you may be able to find it there. Hope this helps!!!