Wednesday, June 29, 2011

My g-babies and some GREAT doctors.

Hum, yesterday?
Consisted of a wonderful day of photo taking and hangin out with my two best buds. Evers and Lil B.  Oops, forgot to mention Jordan and Callen and a wonderful lunch with my sweet daddy.
Followed by a dreaded.....root canal.
Before I show you any of my photos (and I took 429) (no not of my tooth) I want to give a HUGE shout out to making the 2nd part of my day easy.
See, I lost a filling in a tooth a while back.  I had put off doing anything about it ( mainly because you couldn't see it and it didn't hurt.)  Well this past weekend the you know what hit the fan in my mouth.
Yep....a toothache.
So, because I was going to Birmingham, I decided to do something about it and get it fixed.  Why B'ham?
One of "W's" best friends is a dentist and quite frankly we don't use anyone but him.
He looked at my tooth, did x-rays and said "you must have a huge pain tolerance because this thangs about to explode in your mouth."  I must have gotten it just in time.  Because,,,,,,I don't wike to hut.
Write that down, Tim Haywood with Inverness Family Dentistry.
He immediately sent me downstairs to another good friend of ours who produced the most painless root canal I've EVER had.  AND I could barely keep my mouth open because I was laughing so loud!
Anyway, root canals aren't what they used to be.  They're much easier and much less painful.
I'll admit though, I've got a pretty good dose of pain this a.m.
So, Dr. Tim Haywood and Dr. Daren Sisal.
THANK YOU!!! do you choose pics from 429?  You don't, that's why I'm going to show you all 429!
Just kiddin!  I just picked out some for you to take a gander.  BTW, children's photographers deserve all the money they make for their photography.  It ain't easy folks.
Here we go!

Daggumit! this is all my computer would let me download!
oh well, have a great day y'all!
I get to spend my day with my other favorite bud, son Greg looking at Rehearsal Dinner venues!
For...the other wedding!!!!  Remember that date....October 8


  1. They are both SO precious! I love those juicy little lips they both have!!!

  2. Children photographers got nothin' on you, Kendall. Great pics!