Monday, June 27, 2011

A Real Simple Wedding

First of all for all you "brides to be" on brides to "wanna be" or you moms of "brides to be or wanna be" I'm going to make a few very important suggestion.....
1)  Don't over think.  I'll admit,,,,I'm a BIG time over thinker because my mind races at Nascar speed, but my friend Barbara gave me some wonderful advice.  Take a composition book and write everything you plan to accomplish for the day then mark it off when it gets done.  If it doesn't get done, move it to the next day.  But get'er done y'all
Now, have I taken that advice???? nope. I have, however, "gotten er dun".   For some reason I think my brain has a computer chip installed..... meaning, I think I can remember everything on my own.  HA!!! Thant's a joke.
2)  Go out TODAY and get this copy of REAL SIMPLE Magazine.  A HUGE help to me with everything you need from A-Z.  Very, very informative.
Go NOW!!!
I love simple weddings much more than fancy ones.  I love the creativity that goes into one.  I realize I'm being very opinionated here but I don't like to see people "go over the top" on weddings.  The simpler the better in my humble opinion.
I can't tell you how many weddings I've attended where I've overheard "wonder what they spent on "this" wedding.  Rude I realize, but non the less the truth.  I'm going to quote my sweet Callen.  "Mom, it's only a wedding,,,,it's only a day" "we have the rest of our lives to be together"  Still, what wonderful memories are made by beautiful weddings.  Both for the bride and groom and the people in attendance.  I still remember my wedding til this day ut um......[W are you reading????] 30 years later.
Well July 25.
Okay, I'm off that soap box.  You get the jest.
Anyway, I found some simple weddings that I thought you'd enjoy, and some beautiful vintage (hint, hint, dresses)
Go get creative y'all!
This one tells you how to dry your bouquet.
 perfectly simple for a sit down dinner (which we won't be having)

 an interesting but quite creative invitation.   Not my style, but hey, everyone's different right?
 a beautiful simple dress
 dang,,,,,wish I'd thought of this
 my biggest fear.....since it's in our [sloped] non tent-able backyard.....
 Now that is a beautiful dress. very simple, elegant and I love the simple bouquet

 wonderful choice
 not sure how simple this wedding was, but I really thought her dress was stunning
 wait, came across this....which marriage was this?????
 Elegantly beautiful

 now we're talkin

 I love this!!!

 how cute is this?

 love a simple table arrangement
 vingard vines used to be a little more simple, guess they got a lil extravagant.  Too much for my taste
 but I do love their golf balls!

and finally,,,,,,1 month away from my 30th wedding anniversary, thought I'd show you a pic of my wedding.
(before weddings got "simple")
Hope you have a "simply" special Monday!

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