Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Sweet Thangs

I don't know what these are called so I'm namin em "Sweet Thangs".
So there is this place out here at the lake called Philly Cheesesteak.  I think it's a chain but all I know is it's usually packed every time I'm in there.  ......and the only reason I go in there is to get these things that look like french fries but are covered in powdered sugar.  Seriously folks they are really the best things I've ever put in my mouth.
So....I decided to try to make them.  Pathetic attempt and I know you can do a better job but I'm gonna show you what I did.  They actually were really, really good but I want you to try these and give me some tips on a different kind of dough.  That's where I think I messed up.  Did it stop me from eating the whole plate????
nope.  So much for that wedding diet I'm on.  I crashed with these let me tell ya.
So, first I got out my [un]trusty deep frier which decided not to work.  Goin in the trash.
So, I just put a bunch of grease oil in a pot and got it really hot
I used this.  That was my first mistake I think.  The dough was to pliable and wanted to stretch on me.  I would show you the pics of me rolling out the strips of dough but some thief on my computer stole my pics.  Anyway roll them into small strips of dough
 Carefully test the Wesson oil to make sure it's the right temp
 then drop em in
 scoop em out and let the grease drain off.  OKAY, okay, I know what you're thinking here.
I'm gonna be crude and gross your day out, but they look a little like a turd.  I'm right aren't I?
(I really can't believe I just said that)  :)
btw.  they really weren't this dark
 pour some powdered sugar in a bag
 and shake away!
 omg....these things were SO good.  See why I ate the whole plate?
 and the inside
Have a fabulous day y'all!
I know I am, thinkin about using my Mother's day massage.


  1. Beignets (Oreilles de Cochon) !!!!

  2. gosh I want those RIGHT now. Those look SO yummy!!!

    PS- was searching today and when i saw this, i immediately thought of you! Seems like a fun blog...

  3. try using just cheap generic brand canned biscuit dough! That's how we make our doughnuts and they disappear instantly!!! (try adding a little cinnamon and sugar with the powdered sugar....yummo)