Saturday, June 25, 2011

Wedding Music

okay all you "brides to be" out there, is this the hardest thing for you or what?
Choosing the wedding music.
To say I am inept at music is an understatement.
I mean okay, what is Canon in D? or Hornpipe #2 or Patchable?
I LOVE to sing but get all the words wrong, can't hold a tune to save my life, but I really don't care!  If you see me driving around, usually I'm singing to a song that I don't know the words.
It makes me happy to be silly and sing silliness!.
Callen on the other hand knows EVERY word to EVERY song.  She can rap like non other.  I always said she would be a great rapper.  She's also got the moves to go with it.  Maybe one day we'll see her rappin on American Idol.  And, she has a beautiful voice.  Not really sure where she got it from.  She reminds me of Becky.  Becky always knew every word to every song. Me, I would just hum along and we would laugh for hours at me trying to figure out the words.  Oh, a pang just hit my heart of how I miss her.  I so wish she was here to share this  exciting day with me. Tears.  To loose a best friend has to be the worst ever.  Especially one that you've known all of your life.  Oops, sorry, got off track there.

Because Callen is really very feminine with oh a little "can hang with the guys" stuff thrown in an Andy is totally guy but oh SO wonderful to his mom and the women in his life (including me) , we are using a very interesting feminine/masculine duo, that I [of course] can't reveal but when you don't know anything at all about music how do you choose?  I'm totally confused.
Any suggestions????
I think I've decided on one VERY important song as a little surprise for Callen and then I'm going to let the musician chose all of the others.  I'm am going to trust her on this because she is the professional.
Shout out:
Lark Chamber Music
out of Kennesaw, GA.
have a wonderful day y'all!

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  1. Girl you are really brave to allow the musicians to choose the music. There are many websites that can help you. All you do is google wedding music, wedding processional music, etc. Many sites like wedding wire, wedding channel, or the knot, or others have list of music you can listen to that will link you to utube or itunes to hear.
    What style of music are you wanting? If classical for the wedding part you can google 100 best classical songs and there is a site where you can listen to them. Just been thru this in May.