Wednesday, April 24, 2013

A Fun Little Day!

So, wow!  We are really enjoying some beautiful spring weather huh?
Yesterday went a little like this.
Evers had a ballet rehearsal that I got to sit in on!
And take pictures.

and yes, she WAS the best.....
except for her best friend Evelyn Ruth.
off to plan a birthday party!
I had been obsessing about these "red neck" wine glasses, so I went to Swoozies and found them.
Couldn't wait to get to sister's house to show her.
She looked at me and said "seriously?"
"Kendall, what did you pay for those?"
I hung my head and said "7.00 each"
She said "GO right now to Dollar Tree and get some candle sticks....
We are making those.... to Dollar Tree.

So, for a mere 1.25 each we had our own "red neck wine glasses".
And everyone got to take home a party favor.
We cooked out burgers at sister's house and celebrated Jordan's 31st birthday with her friends!

have a beautiful day y'all!!!

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  1. I HATE I had to miss all the fun! Look like everyone had a great time. I did at least get a hilarious video of Evey singing that Greg sent me. It made the last hour of work not so bad ;)