Sunday, April 28, 2013

Wesleyan Artist Market 2013

The countdown begins!!!
Thursday starts the Wesleyan Artist Market.
This is one of my very favorite art shows all year.
Set on the most amazing school campus' you've ever seen.
Wesleyan School.
I love this show so much.
Partly because Callen went to school there and I get to see old friends and partly because it is so well run.
Many different mediums to peruse.

This year they have changed the reins of leadership and seriously y'all, you are not going to believe the art.
So many new and exciting artists and their beautiful work.
The show starts Thursday 7-9 and continues until Saturday.
Please mark it on your calendar and plan to come!

my featured piece.
"Simply Spring"

Thursday 7-9
Friday 9 - 6
Saturday 10 - 4

Come see me y'all!!!

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  1. fun, great offerings! Best of luck for a sell out!
    xo Nancy