Wednesday, April 17, 2013


I have one.
God I love that kid.
I just never dreamed God would bless me with such a sweet soul.
Never wants for anything, never complains.
Just so not needy.
Always willing to help everyone.
I was just thinking about him tonight.
I was talking to a childhood friend of J's and it reminded me of when they were all little.
Oh the days.
Goodness.  They were just so daggum hard!  Three little ones and everyone needing, needing and needing.
Sick one day, rain the next, stuck in the house, no where to go, bills, all the trials and tribulations of young 20 somethings.
And don't get me started on dinner time.

Oh how I miss it!
Actually I don't. 
I'm going to go to Birmingham for a whole week next week and I can't wait!
I get to be there for everyone.
They can use me to death.
and I will love it.
but back to Gregory.
I thought about him tonight because he was a typical boy.
We decided when he was about 2 that we probably needed to instill a "code"system with him.
He inevitably would shout out ALL of our family secrets to everyone in the world who would listen.
So.  The code word was created.
Brilliant I might add.
All you have to say is that one little word and they know they better not say another word.
Or else.
If you don't have one, create one today.
I promise it will save you a world of frustrations.
It can be as simple as "potato" or something stupid like that.
It will stop them in their tracks.
Have a great night y'all!


  1. lol, oh I wonder what character traits our kids are going to have. I grew up with all sisters so I just don't even know what to do with boys! Greg will have to take the reigns on that one ;)

  2. LOL! I grew up with all sisters as well so was shocked after having first two girls and then my boy. Didn't know what to do with him at first but would not trade the experience for anything in the world. Boys are great!