Friday, April 5, 2013

How to Decorate Cheap...

We bought our condo in Atlanta ten years ago.
At the height of the housing market.
So, basically we have had to hold on to it.
I'm glad!
We have used it and used it and usssssseeeeedddd it.
When we moved back in at the first of this year, it needed a big time up do.
Big time.
The problem was, I didn't want to spend a lot of money.
Like 5,500.00 was my budget.
and that included carpet...
I had some stuff from the lake house but most of the items that I had were sold with the house.
So, I had to get really creative.
This was what it looked like when we moved back in.
oh gosh...seriously?
and then I did a little mini up do...
Seriously uncomfortable..and dreary...and dull...and just ick.
In a major way.
So, I started with the carpet.  10 year old carpet HAD to be replaced.  That was the #1 thing "W" wanted.  And if you gals are like me, if hubby wants it, then it gets done.
just sayin.
I called Empire Carpets because 
1) I like the little man on the commercials
2) I thought they would be the best value.
Wrong...and right...
Empire came out right on time (actually she got a little lost, but I cut her some slack)
and measured.
I showed her the swatch that I had picked out from Home Depot.
She showed me a few selections.
I picked my selection out fast and said "I've got to make a lunch date"
She gave me the price.
Not so fast lady.
3 K more than Home Depot.
I said, sorry but can't do that.  And I quoted HD's price.
They matched it.
The next day a crew came in and installed the carpet.
Ya'll they did everything but dust my daggum furniture!
I have NEVER been so happy with a company in my life.
Two thumbs up!
Let me tell ya, if you want to upgrade your space?  Get new carpet.
Now, next came that dreary old leather sofa.
We've had it for years.  Tried to make it work in ever space imaginable.
But, the fact is, it just didn't work.
I used to tell my design clients, "don't use something that doesn't look right just because you paid a fortune for it."  If it doesn't work, it doesn't work.
This couch DID NOT WORK
Off to find a sectional for our condo.
(another thing that "W" wanted....)
So, after the carpet was installed, I was left with about 2,800.00 to work with.
I had to get really creative because sectionals are expensive.
We went to Havertys.
I am such a design snob that I really can't even believe I'm telling you this!!!
Well, to my surprise, they had the perfect one!
And we got it in two weeks.
They were a total pleasure to work with.
and, it's comfortable.
That left me with needing a sofa table.
I went to World Market and found the perfect one!
I also needed a coffee table, but didn't want to spend the 1,100.00 at Restoration Hardware.
So, my nephew (master craftsman) made me a great one for 150.00!
Here is the finished room!
Okay, back to the start.
First of all, I had the two gold lamps with the barrel shades.
I had the grey and ivory chair and ottoman.
I had the window treatments
I had the pillows
I had a few accessories.
I had the dog :)
What's new?
Carpet - 2,700.00
Sofa - 2,300.00
Sofa table - 289.00
Baskets under sofa table - 50.00
Coffee table - 150.00
Paintings (by me!) priceless.
Let me interrupt this blog to rant....
I went into World Market and asked the salesperson where the vases were.
He said "you mean vazes?
Give me a freakin break.
I mean I am in freakin World Market.
I looked at him and said "NO, vases".
Anyway, I then went to Whole Foods and got my favorite flowers to go in my VAZ.
Have a wonderful weekend y'all!


  1. did an amazing job and isn't is fun to find the perfect piece at a deal? Just love everything you did and your artwork...stunning!! Happy weekend ~

  2. Looks much prettier and cozier, but do you not worry about the light colored sofa? I love lighter colors but with a dog and grandchildren don't know if it would be practical. Any tips on keeping it clean?

  3. hey A!! Actually I DID worry about that. But. I saw the couch in the showroom and it had been there for 2 years. It still looked great! So, I decided it was for me. I've actually worried more about my new carpet. But the kids are here this weekend to test it all out. I'll let you know......