Monday, April 1, 2013

A Norman Rockwell Weekend.

I looked at my life this past weekend and thought of a Norman Rockwell painting.
What a wonderful feeling!
I got to Birmingham on Thursday just in time for a visit to the Easter Bunny.
While I realize Norman Rockwell didn't have a mall to visit the Easter Bunny, we did, and it was just as special!
The Norman Rockwell moments came a little later.
just happened to catch this moment....
 and this one....
 and this one....
so....Friday morning, we decided lil B needed a haircut.
off to the barber shoppe.
You know, there's something really unique about going to a "real" barber shoppe.
You know, the one's with the little stripey thingy outside.
Just feels like walking back in time.
Vestavia Barbershop is a "real" barbershop.  We walked in, and all the old men in there were just precious.  They all talked to Bennett and told him how good lookin he was and how good he was getting his hair cut.  
The only difference was the price.
What used to be probably a dollar, was now 15....
 oh b still my heart. to the park for some Easter egg hunting, trail blazing, and rock throwing.

oh Gigi,,,,another picture?
so, the next morning Bean and I let the kids open our Easter gifts to them.
We found these cool eggs from World Market (my new favorite store)
and filled them with lots of goodies!
 ....and then we baked a Bunny cake!
 and Cooper gave lots of kisses....
 then Eric made the best barbeque I've ever in my life had.
And we all played with the kids...
ya know...sometime you just can't worry about stuff.  Wish I had been that way when mine were young.
On to Sunday.
We woke up and of course the Easter Bunny had made his visit.
and...we went to the 8:00 church service at Highlands.
OH wow.
What a beautiful message he had.
then we dyed Easter eggs.
Just wondering who came up with the bright idea of kids dying Easter eggs?
On to a big lunch with sister.
Then headed over to her house for dessert with more fam.

 there's that cute nephew!
 helping Cate walk!

 while many adults took pics on their iphones!
 Gregory explaining to Bennett why he has hair on his face.
 still working on it!!!
and my sweet daddy.
It was a wonderful Easter!
Hope yours was too!

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