Monday, April 15, 2013

Just Stuff...

Ya know, let's just talk.
Get your coffee and let's sit and have a chat.
First of all, dang, those weekends at Scott's are killers.
I hate to complain because they are very rewarding and I sell many pieces of art, but they are just killers.
Usually Mondays I don't do a thing.
Except today.
I have a huge art show coming up in two weeks.
That means mucho painto.
In this midst of painting and working my tail off, "W" is leaving for a golf trip Wed. - Sunday, and then turning around and leaving for China and India for 7 days.  And NO, I don't want to go with him.
It would not be a fun trip.
Which brings me to another subject.
I'm going to get personal here.
Do you ever feel unappreciated?
I'm feeling a little that way right now.
I just am. Sorry, but I guess sometimes we have the right to feel that way huh?
Especially if it's warranted.
Let's get back to the art show.
It's Weselyan Artist Market
Y'all.  This is really one of the best art shows in Atlanta.
I'm not kidding.  It has grown into a spectacular event.
They have also added many new and extremely talented artists this year.
Don't miss it!
I am getting VERY busy this week and next. Very. Painting lots of new and exciting work.
I will have a mixture of churches, abstracts, and landscapes.
And, my latest!
"Softness of Spring"
24 x 30 mixed media on gallery wrapped canvas.
Have a great day y'all!

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