Friday, April 19, 2013

I Love Gardening....

I really, really love gardening....I mean the way it looks.
The problem is.
I stink at it.
Every year I say I'm going to learn how to garden.
Every year I mess everything up.
In a condo, we just have a nice, small little deck.
Enough space to have a table and a few planters.
Perfect!  Maybe this year I won't mess things up.
Don't hold your breath though...
At least I can dream huh?
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new from World Market

I cannot wait to get this for the kiddos!


have  great day y'all!


  1. oh I LOVE gardening...whether it's literally my garden of veggies or just sprucing up flower beds, I love to play in the dirt ;) It's hard work for sure (my sore back today can vouch for that!), but it's so worth it when you look out and have all that pretty nature around you.

  2. The best approach is to actually draw out a schematic of the garden labeling specific areas and then filling those areas with the appropriate plants. kweektent compleet