Wednesday, April 3, 2013

When I Paint....

I think I've finally gotten back into the swing of things after 3 months of a move, and a condo (semi) renovation.
I haven't felt the urge to paint but knowing that I have Scott's next week and a huge art show coming up, it was time to get going.
Inventory is low!

I wanted to do an abstract.
Ya know, abstracts are really, really hard.
You can't appreciate the time that goes into one until you try to paint one!
Typically, they look pretty easy huh?
They are very, very frustrating and it's really hard to know when one is finished.
I would say this.  
They either take a really long time, or you get lucky and nail it in 30 minutes.
I've seriously been working on this one for weeks and I'm still not finished.
I just keep looking and looking at it.
"Slowly but Surely"
20 x 30 mixed media on gallery wrapped canvas

A friend on facebook said it looked like Zorro.
Now I see that Z!
That will come out.
Oh, BTW if you haven't seen The Fall of Olympus yet, it is a "must see"
I'm in love with Mike Banning...
Really great movie!
Have a wonderful day y'all!


  1. You just need to stop looking - it's perfection!

  2. I love this!!!! For sale? How much?-Kathleen Lawrence

    1. Hey Kathleen! It would be 450.00 + shipping. Take all credit cards! Contact me at Thanks!!