Tuesday, May 28, 2013

A Few of My Favorite Things!

Okay....I'll admit....I am the ultimate consumer.
I love to try new "stuff".
So, I decided to compile a list of products that I LOVE!!!
Try them, I think you will too!!!!

First up...
the best toothbrush EVER.
Didn't mean to buy it, but now that I did, I am S-O-L-D.  period.  you must try this!
it is...
the Colgate Optic White power toothbrush.

at 7.99 a total bargain.
not only does it clean those pearly whites, it has this thingy on the backside that cleans the insides of your cheek.  It really feels SO good.
hey...I'm passionate about my toothbrushes....
just sayin.
next up.
my all time favorite lipstick.
It's a bit pricey, but worth it when folks stop you in the mall to ask what color you're wearing.
Sisley L28
I have to give it about a C on longevity, but if you're a girl like me, you don't mind re-applying if it means a great, fresh look.

I am OBSESSED with my new wireless printer.
It's great.
HP 7520 All in One Printer
super easy to install and great printing.  And since it's the first wireless printer I've ever had, it's kinda like a new toy:)
Staples 149.00

Try this for easy, breezy cleanup of your pots and pans.
Seriously, NOMO scrubbin.
love, love, love this product.
trust me, you need this.

now, are you struggling with a Father's Day gift?
Since I'm pretty sure that none of the men in my life read my blog, I'm going to let you in on my Father's Day gift for all the special men in my life.
Book store quality books.
I'm making photo books for all of them.
Really just a lovely gift.
They even come with a dust jacket.
be prepared to spend some time.

Looking for that perfect graduation gift?
I found it today.

sorry about the burry pic, Tory wasn't co-operating:(
This little wristlet is awesome!  It has a place for money, credit cards, lipstick and your iphone!
just perfect.
now,,,,for guys? money.

what is a really great little dessert?
without the major calories?
Cheat without feeling guilty

oh yum.

I love, love, love this singer.
I've blogged about her before, but it's time for a reminder.
Eva Cassidy

Unfortunately she passed away at the tender age of 28 of melanoma.
What a shame.
I listen to this song bird every time I paint.

now on to coffee....
oh my.
I am actually not a huge coffee lover.
Although I have to have my couple of cups a joe every morning.

"W" is not a coffee drinker, so this little one cupper is perfect for me!
Love this lil thing.

Now, speaking of kitchen items, these are the bomb.
Duraclear glass wear.
Perfect for the pool, or just hangin out drinkin tea.
The perfect size ever
they absolutely will not break.  Nor do they discolor in the dishwasher.
They do, however, retain lipstick marks, so be sure to watch for that :)

okay for you "wineO's"
Cakebread's 2009 Dancing Bear
y'all, this is so amazing.
Cabernet Franc
but, at 90.00 a bottle, I wouldn't just suck it down.
um, unless you're like me and you buy it in Napa, forget what it costs and open a bottle every other night :)

and last but not least.
the greatest grille ever made....
be still my grillin lovin heart.
a bit pricey, but really worth every penny.  They last forever, and the Tucker, Georgia egg shoppe has the large one and lots of eggssories on sale for around 940.00.

Well, that wraps up our "consummer session 101" for today!

this was fun!  may do it again!
have a great day y'all!


  1. Great post! You crack me up so much sometimes though. I wish my brain worked like yours! So, I do need some new lipstick. Is the L28 called Rose Coral? Just making sure before I drop that much money for my lips!

  2. Hey Denise!!! you paintin up a storm??? Okay, those damn Parisians don't put the name on the tube. Or if they do it's so small I can't read it. The box says rouge a levres. It is a rosy coral, so I'm guessing that's the color!!! Hope this helps!!!