Sunday, May 19, 2013

Finally Finished....

Goodness Gracious.
I used to "lovingly" tell some of my design clients that they were like the San Fransico bridge.
When you finally finish painting it, it's time to re-paint it.
In other words, when they finally finished decorating, it was time to start over
One of the many reasons I don't do interior design anymore :)
Well, I think I've turned into my former clients.
First, I totally went against every rule that I ever told anyone.
Don't comprise and just make something work.  If you don't like the basics.
Then I've taken so long to decide and do it, that's it's bout time to re-do.
Of course when you're making yourself crazy with a budget, sometimes you have to compromise.
So, with all that being said, I finally finished the guest bedroom.
So, here's where we were.
That paint color had literally been in that room since we bought the condo 11 years ago.
I bought this bedding from Bed, Bath, and Beyond to just "have something".
Then I was stuck.  They weren't "too" bad.  I didn't hate them, but I didn't like them either.
I didn't make a plan.  

So, I have finally made this work to where I am actually okay with this.
I also did it in a manner where this can be easily changed when I get ready to fix it up like I want it.
What I did?
Roll pillows - Forms Bed, Bath, and Beyond, Handmade
Woven shades on the windows - Home Depot
New Black and White pictures on the walls - Frames - Target
Paint - Sherwin Williams Egg White
Now I can finally relax....until I decide to paint the kitchen cabinets????


  1. Wow, Kendall you did an amazing job!! Just love the roll pillows so fun and great fabric. Are you sure you're ready for kitchen cabinet painting? Now that's a job...

  2. Kendall, did you do the wall painting as well?

  3. Hey "A" !
    No, those are actually prints that I bought many years ago. They were not expensive. I just love them and wanted to put them to use!!!