Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Repurposing a Tablecloth - a tutorial!

The other day I was wearing this:
a Marc Jacobs poncho that I think I paid 168.00 for.
I cannot tell you how many compliments I get on it!
Well.....I started looking at it and y'all, it's a stinkin tablecloth!
No, I am serious.
So, when I was at Scott's this past weekend I decided to look at some vintage tablecloths.
I found 2 square ones that I loved for 10.00 and 12.00!
Oh, I got the bug to sew...
Sew....(no pun)
Here we go!
Repurposing a Tablecloth!
First, this tablecloth was 53" square.
 First I folded it in half.  Then in fourths
 starting at the folded corner, measure 6" out and mark.  
 Then cut 1/4" turn the scissors and cut down the line to the corner (this is for the neckline)

 I purchased this bias tape from  Hancocks.
 I unfolded the bias tape and trimmed 1/8 of an inch off

 With the right side of the bias tape lined up with the right side of the neckline sew along the crease of the bias tape.
 All the way around the neckline. Be careful at the turns not to catch any underneath fabric.
 Important!  Trim the seam and clip around the entire neckline
 Lay the bias tape out flat and stitch close to the top of the bias tape
 Now turn the bias tape over and stitch the bias tape down
goodness.  I need an eye lift.....(it was however 5:30 a.m.)
Cost - about 15.00
Time - about 30 minutes
Level of difficulty - Easy if you know how to sew, follow close directions if you're a novice!
and a better shot

Have a great day y'all!!!!