Friday, May 17, 2013

Re-doing a Bathroom...

So.  The last thing we needed to do to the condo was paint a few rooms.
One was my bathroom.
Oh Good Lord.
Totally stag. (my new word for stagnant)
My goal?
All of the above.
Y'all, I really can't believe I'm showing you the before picture.
My goal was to do this for under 500.00.
I love budgets.  They're such a challenge!
First the paint.
This green HADTOGO.
I wanted to go with a lighter grey than I used in the other rooms.
I chose Sherwin Williams Pewter Tankard
I don't like to be "too" trendy with design, but knew that I could get away with bits and pieces that were not too expensive to change out if I ever got tired of them.
The good thing about this bathroom is this.  It's really pretty large for a 2nd bath, and it has pretty neutral basics.  Like white cabinets, white counter tops, off white tile and basic lighting.
While I realize all of those are a little out of date, I wanted to spend my money where it would make the most impact.
First, new shower curtain.
This is where I got a little "cute".  Steppin outta my box.
West Elm to the rescue!!!
Such a great store.
Then on to Bed, Bath, and Beyond for the floor mats.
Then back to West Elm for this branch that I reworked as a towel holder.  Another cutsey huh?
Then a couple of new hand towels.
Then off to Home Depot for new knobs.  These "nail breakers" had to go.
Finally Target supplied me with this darling jewelry holder.  I got two of them and put them together.

So here is the finished bathroom!
well sort of.  I now have realized I need to cover that little stool:)

The breakdown.
Paint - 200.00
Floor mats - 50.00
Shower curtain - 40.00
Branch - 50.00
Basket - 54.00
Knobs - 38.00
Jewelry holder - 40.00
Towels - 44.00
dang.  Over by 6.00
 love being 2 blocks from Target!!
popped in there this a.m. and found the perfect little stool!
(now I'm over by 75.00)
oh well.
have a great day y'all!!!


  1. Gray and yellow is one of my favorite color combinations. Much better!

  2. For a second bath, this is a big space. Considering the amount of work you had under that budget, you did a great job. There's still so much potential in your bathroom though. Knock out the L-shaped sink/vanity to free some space, and perhaps have a separate shower and tub.