Saturday, May 4, 2013

Another Amazing Year!!!

The Wesleyan Artists Market NEVER disappoints!!!!
And this year was no exception.
Despite a horrible case of BAD weather.
Let me tell ya, it was awful.
People came out in droves!!! And the comments were just so inspiring!!!
I love this show!
Of course I had to go around and take notes for my blogger friends!!!
Forgive me for not having everyone's name!
my bad.
First up? ME!!! Hey, it's my blog!
 me again...sold!!! everything on this page. woohoo!
 ya know, these have gotten so popular again....loved this work

 jennifer ferris
 thalia kahn

 gail vail

 the fun and beautiful Betsy Clayton
 there she is!!!

a.c. brown and me!!!
blog about him to come
....he's got such a great story!
 featured artist Jenny Everett Schultz the magnificent....

What a fantastic show it was!!!
Thank you to everyone at Wesleyan for doing such a great job!!!!

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