Friday, May 10, 2013

Another Fine Day at Scotts!!!

Well, besides the most beautiful weather EVER, we had a pretty good turn out for a Thursday!
Thursdays at Scott's are kind of iffy.  Since they changed the hours to opening at 1:00 the traffic has slowed down tremendously.
But, Fridays are usually gang busters.
The good thing about Thursdays?
I get to shop!!! (or at least take pictures) 
So, here are a few goodies that I found!
First up....Our new sign!!! yipppppppeeeee!  Can't tell you how excited we all are!!!!
(keep in mind we had not finished setting up!)

 the best thing I saw yesterday.  So good looking but outta my price range.  Thought this would be so great on my back balcony with herbs. 650.00
 SO want to get this for my sweet DIL who loves gardening.  Would have to ditch that horseshoe though.  Good price 375.00
 again, love!
 another potting bench.  200.00
 fell in love with this Ralph Lauren fabric.  30.00 a yard
 Totally IN LOVE with these frames.  The guy is out of St. Simmons and they are quite expensive.
I did ask if the kid came with it. Presh
 Okay, I just fell in love with these chairs.  25.00 each.  Very sturdy,  thought they would look great with a bistro table for outdoors.  Sent a pic to Callen for her new condo.  She said they look like what they make war hospital beds out of.....hum.  She is kind of right huh?  Still like them.
 Still be still my heart.
 another wash tub.  This one is 115.00!
 and last. oh my

Come see us!!!!
Scott Antique Market
South Building

have a wonderful day y'all!!!!

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  1. You're so sweet. It's funny you made the comment about removing the horseshoe, cause I was thinking the exact same thing but didn't want to say it yesterday in case you actually liked it. Other than that, it's great! Wish we actually had room for it on our porch. I'll be sure our next house has a nice big deck ;)