Tuesday, May 7, 2013


Ya know, one of the things I love about painting is the ability to pull out the imperfections in life.
For me, I could not begin to paint "photorealism"
but then again, that type of painting doesn't appeal to me at all.
I would rather buy a photograph.
I love imperfections.
When you think about it, bringing out the imperfections in people is much more interesting don't you think?
I think people with an unsymmetrical face is much more interesting than those that are perfect looking.
(hope I'm not insulting those of you who have perfect faces!)
Maybe it stems from me at a young age having to accept the fact that I have always had what I think of as a "crooked" face.  Very unsymmetrical.
Well, ya know, you just have to accept what you have right?
Beauty is in the eye of the beholder.
Such is art.
Having never had formal art training, I just follow my instincts.
That means many paintings that are unorthodox, imperfect to a fault.
But you know what?  It brings out a passion in people.
I honestly think that people love to see the imperfections in things!
I was studying Picasso, Matisse, and Van Gogh this morning and realized they also thrived on the imperfections.
The trained hands struggle with this.  They are trained to paint symmetrical, perfect.
Not me, I refused to follow the rules.
Here are some perfect examples from the famous.

Next time you see a painting like this and think "oh I can't paint that"
Try it.  It's a lot harder than you think!!! Trust me!
have a wonderful day y'all!

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  1. I agree! Although I am envious of those that can draw or paint a perfect picture, I tend to choose and enjoy art that is a bit abstract or imperfect.