Thursday, May 16, 2013

How To Make a Roll Pillow - a tutorial

So,,,,this was going to be a part of tomorrow's blog, but, I got that craft-a-holic urge and had to make this a separate post.  Plus, tomorrow's blog is going to be soooo long.
Yesterday I went on a witch hunt.
This guest bedroom of mine is literally driving me nuts.

I really don't like it.
I'm really trying to, but, since I don't want to invest too much, I can't just scratch the whole deal and make it work for me.
Maybe one day I'll change my mind, but not now.
I AM however having the room painted a pale cream color tomorrow.
Sherwin Williams Egg White.
That way, I'm open to any colors when I decide to change!
The only thing I like in the whole room is this...
my crusty old cabinet.
So,,,let's get back to the roll pillows.
In my quest to make this room look better, I decided to use my trick from my design years of throwing something at the end of the bed.
Enter....the roll pillow.
A great inexpensive solution.
And, one that will drive that pillow lovin husband of yours crazy :)
I had a teeny, tiny budget of 100.00.
I got the pillows from Bed, Bath, and Beyond.
They are actually body pillows.  But turn in to roll pillows when done like I going to show you.
 I went to Lewis and Sheron to try and find some fabric.
But, after I measured the pillows I realized I would need about 5 yds.
I knew that was going to bust my budget in a big way!
And yes, L and S had nothing within my budget.
So, I decided to go to IKEA.
Wait.  let me interrupt my blog for a major rant.
The nightmare of all nightmares.
I am serious y'all.  I will never, ever, ever go back there again...EVER.
That place is a freaking maze.  A blatant attempt to make everyone that goes in there crazy.
A man's worst nightmare.  And, I must be a man in a woman's body, because that was the worst nightmare of my life.
As a matter of fact, I'm pretty sure the designers of that store got together and said "how can we design the most confusing maze of junk that anyone can meander through?"  "Let's do it and just try to make everyone crazy"!
Not only can you not find a way in the store, you can't find a way OUT.
And don't get me going on how to find it either...
Okay, now that I got that out of my system, I decided to go to West Elm.
Now we're talkin.
My new favorite store.
I ended up finding two drapery panels that I could use.
They were 48 x 84 and I was able to railroad the fabric.
I had really wanted to pull in a green fabric, but couldn't find anything so settled on a grey and cream.
 lay the fabric out flat and cut to your size.  The circumference of the pillow was 40" and the length was 50".  So I cut 42" wide by the entire 84".  The seams were finished so I didn't have to worry about doing that!
 I folded the fabric in half (lengthwise) right sides together and stitched together the entire length of the long side of the fabric.
 ALWAYS, I mean always, press your seams.  I'm a huge presser when it comes to sewing.  
 This is how the finished case should look
 now stuff the pillow in to the case
 I had 17" left on each side for my little "ponytails"
 I took a simple rubber band and tied it like you do with your daughter's hair

 then, once you break your last rubber band and tear the house apart looking for another one, you will realize that you really didn't need one in the first place :)
 Now for the ties.  With my left over fabric, I cut 4 pieces of fabric 35 x 9.  Folding the ties right sides together, I stitched down the end, turned the needle and stitched down the long sides.  While stitching down the long side, leave about a 2" opening then continue stitching.  When you get to the end, turn the needle and stitch down the other end.
 The opening
 this is the type of turner I use
 poke it in one end and pull that end through the opening.  Then do the same thing for the other end.
 press completely and then stitch the opening closed.
 Tie around the place where you secured with the rubber band
Gettin there.
Tomorrow I'll show you what this room looks like freshly painted.  Sneak peek is my sample on the wall in the left of the picture!
Oh, I'm also going to get some wooden blinds :)
Before you know it, I will be heavily invested....
Have a great day y'all!!!

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