Monday, September 6, 2010

Ut Oh.

Is today really Monday?  And is it really Sept. 6th?  And is it really 62 degress outside?????
can I give you a major "hands up" and OMG finally??????
Summer is offically over in my book and it can just go away fer good. period.
What a fun, fun, fun weekend we've had.
We've had my brother and his wonderful wife here and my sister, two of her kids and my mom along with Jordan, Eric, Evey and Lil B!
Poor Jordan has been a bit under the weather so she doesn't count as being in the fun category.  Not that she's not fun, she just hasn't had much fun.
We have eaten, and eaten, and eaten again
Including this one, who eats the most and never gains a lb.  I really think we came from different parents.
they wake boarded like crazy!
and Ever's rode the innertube
and they all jumped off "the rock" check out the shadow.  Cool huh?
then there's my absolutely gorgeous niece/godchild Claire
whom with her equally gorgeous cousin Harper"doodle" was pooped at the end of the day and had to take a napster on the swinging beds...I love teenagers
Harperdoodle loved hanging with Evers
and Val got some quality time with Lil Bitt
so did Clay!
but what was the fun part of the day?  and the "ut OH?
That is what Evey woulda said when
this little princess
put the jet ski in "forward" instead of "reverse" getting outta the slip!
"ut oh"
Let's just say he didn't mind at all hauling ALL the trash the quarter mile hike up our driveway for the trash man to pick up today.
"--it" happens!

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  1. looks like a blast! i love the pic of eric and evers on the tube. hope J is feeling better!