Friday, September 17, 2010

On to tennis!

On to tennis!
Where, What, Who?
I'm on the last leg of my road trip to a place called San Destin.  I'm here at  Tops'l for the 4.5 Interstate Challenge Tennis Match.  Oh, and if you're worried about "W" don't.  He's enjoying himself on the boat with 5 other guys grown teenagers down in the Bahamas.
This is gonna be fun (and hard tennis considering I'm a little rusty)....
I get to see all of my old buds from Nashville and will probably run into some familiar faces from all over the South.  
I've been playing in this thing off and on for probably 15 years.
For those of you from the South who frequent the "Redneck Riviera", I bet you've wanted to visit the
Chautauqua Winery.....

Come on, admit've always wanted to visit.
 It's this little muscadine wine vineyard right off of I-10 in Defuniak Springs.
There's even a place to stay right next door...
With a sea of scratch off lottery tickets (I'm really fueling my addiction) in my car, we stopped to do a little "wine tasting"
I am a huge lover of muscadines.....and if you're from the South, you've most likely had a little homemade muscadine wine.  Yummy
It was really good!  and the winery is fun!!! It's equipped with all kinds of goodies! Even a Christmas tree!
The verdict?
Okay, (if you like muscadine wine).  I like the homemade better but I actually bought a couple of bottles!
Wish me luck y'all

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