Saturday, September 4, 2010

Three Winners!!!!

Here they are!
Don't ask me why but these three just stood out.
Thank you all SOOOOOOOO much for your comments.  My head is exploding and so is my heart.

Chris Gargis

Ashley Tracy Lester

Elizabeth Hile

please contact me at and send me your address!

In the I said, The Alabama Sports Hall of Fame has the rights to the 400 - 500 series.
They sell them at a special rate of 49.00.  They are exactly the same as the ones that sell for 129.00 just higher in numbers. Better hurry though cause they're sellin out fast!  I do have lithographs available for 79.00 also. The artist proofs that are 129.00 stop at (of course) 315!
Anyway, please go to
and visit their gift shop if you'd like to purchase a print!!!
Thank you SO much for participating and keep in touch!!!
oh, also, contact me if you'd like to purchase an artist's proof.
(hope all this makes sense!)

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  1. Missed the giveaway! AWE shucks! Anyway, I have spent quiet awhile losing myself in your paintings (portfolio). Absolutely Amazing! Just wanted to let you know that I believe you are truly gifted. "Hunters Delight II" I think, is my most favorite! "Red Boat II" came in a very close second. I attended the U of A when Bear was there. I remember when he passed, so very sad!! I still have Zaps of 'the Bear" and kept copies of the Crimson and White of the procession on I-59 ti his final resting place and just the tremendous sense of loss throughout the campus. He was "The Man". Now, back to you - YOU are 'the Lady'. I always hoped that at some pint in my life I would own my very own 'Weeping Willow(s)' so that painting was in my top 5. I'll finish my list off with the 'Osprey in Flight'! I could see a hunter next to the 'Red Boat II'. Your tree paintings were FULL of love, peace things that you couldn't actually see but felt was there. And then if you looked hard you could see birds and hear that the trees were full of their singing. I know I sound crazy, but I love your paintings and how I can lose myself in each one. I signed up for our newsletter. Hope that you have another giveaway - maybe around the holidys. Anyway, would have loved to have been one of those three lucky Winners! I hope that they realize how fortunate they were. I wish you a very Happy & Relaxing Labor Day Weekend and btw, ROLLL TIDE ROLLL ! ! !