Wednesday, September 1, 2010

The Lost Boys of Sudan

This is Malith Wiek
The MBA Art Show is honoring The Lost Boys of Sudan.
Malith Wiek was a custodian for MBA and was found murdered in Nashville.
He was one of the Lost Boys and as I understand it, was trying to raise money to send back to families to buy cows.  I have attached an article at the bottom of which you can read.
 I thought how appropriate to do a benefit to raise awareness of such an important cause.
I am honored to have been asked to participate!

What a wonderful show MBA had last night
There was a gentle breeze blowing and you could just feel fall trying to peek it's way around the corner.
I am the luckiest girl in the world.  I got to see so many of my old friends and heard so many wonderful comments on my art that I thought my head was just gonna bust! I was humbled beyond words!  It was just the most fabulous evening ever!!!!.
the best part????
My sweet Mr. W came to surprise me!
These two paintings are officially "off" the market. I am so excited to have sold them to one that I know and love, and another that I met and became quick friends! A special thanks to Connie for letting me shack for 3 days with her.  

Here's what I love about this show.
1)  It is benefiting a charity other than the school
2)  It is going on for a month and there is still a whole lotta art!
3) This is an incredible cause,,,,one that I have quickly become interested in and feel passionate about
25% of sales go to the Lost Boys of Sudan
Check it out! The show will go from 8 - 4 every day at The Davis Hall
Montgomery Bell Academy
Nashville, Tennessee
my e-mail address is if you need more info.
In the meantime you can read this

have a great day ya'll!  I'm headin home....AGAIN! for a passel of folks for Labor Day...and some yummy recipes...wink, wink,

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  1. That's awesome Kbomb.......Congratulations on being selected to show your art as well as make money for a good cause..