Monday, September 13, 2010

Ready, Set.....Let's Play!!!!

She thought this was her birthday gift from hubby Sykes....
then somebody yelled,,,,"get off my Phantom" and we ran...

It's gonna be a birthday golfin week in St. Simons with these two fun ladies who share the same birthday!
the birthday girl Cindy treated us all to a yummy lobster dinner last night (aren't we supposed to treat her???)

I wish you coulda seen how messy we were with those little huge suckers.
We were so ladylike
Our team:
Chris and Alex
Cindy (not including Batman the smilin horse)
and your's truly....
oops,,,,sorry, not Evey..(thought this was SO cute!)
here we go!!!
Have a great day ya'll!
WAIT!!!  You gotta see me on Slim Paley's blog!!!
(upon which I salivate daily)
(I'm her number 1 blog stalker fan)
(I feel like such a celebrity!)
and for more art!

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