Tuesday, September 7, 2010

What is it about a makeover?

What is it about a makeover that just makes you feel so good?
Sorta like when you get your car all cleaned up with a full tank a gas?
Okay, my pantry needed it bad.....it had gotten wayyyyy outta control.  and I'm talkin some food had been in there for years.
(I'm REALLY ashamed to admit that)
like this...
I'm serious I think this cereal was like 5 yrs old.  When did "Ice Age" come out?????
anyway, I decided to do a little "before and after" of my pantry makeover
here's before, total disarray
and here's the other side.  I mean I just couldn't get anything down without re-arranging the entire pantry
I did the "close your eyes" and throw it away thing
 it was all expired and I still had to close my eyes.
I re-arranged to my liking as you can see we like pasta and pimentos.
now on to the other side.....oh, I am SOOOOOO happy.  It doesn't look like Martha Stewart, but hey some of my stuff is years and years old!!! hard to get that "fresh look".
next up?  I'm gonna tackle the Tupperware drawer.  hum.

NOW...here's what's left of our Labor Day weekend
WAIT!!! while we're on the subject of towels...we had this discussion, or actually a controvalsation, (a controversial conversation) (okay, that's...it's MY word, i just made it up)
this weekend about how to fold a towel.
I'm gonna show you the right way.
and I know this, because my mother-in-law told me.....years ago....over and over and over again.
and.....by the way,,,,she was right.
Here's how it goes
Fold the towel in half
then fold one side over half way
then fold that raw edge over the folded edge
then fold one side over
and then the other side over that
be sure to have the folded edge face down.
there ya have it!!! no raw edges showing at all.
Drives me crazy when people don't fold their towels right!
OKAY...I know,,,,I'm just a tiny bit obsessive.
But they look great in my linen closet.


  1. Wow...pantry looks organized...and towels look neatly folded..Now can you teach me how to fold a fitted sheet??? BTW..Little B is really getting BIG fast...and LiL E is sooooo cute..

  2. I kind of did the same thing in my pantry a couple of weeks ago. I threw out the old stuff (found cans that expired in 2006) but my end result doesn’t look nearly as neat as yours. I also found FIVE BOXES of brown sugar. I’m always in the baking aisle in the grocery store thinking, “I wonder if I have enough brown sugar……” so I pick up another box.

    My husband can fold fitted sheets so that they look like they just came out of the package. He’s tried to teach me, but it just doesn’t work for me. Mine always look like puffy lumps.

    Beth Wages Johnson

  3. I will SO fold my towels like that from now on! I may have to pull all of the ones already folded out to fix them-- I can't do a fitted sheet either, but I do know that you put a finger in one corner and a finger in another and then bring them together that way...I usually give up after that...