Wednesday, September 8, 2010

I Know You By Heart - Eva Cassidy

I'm working at the gallery today.  Um, Art of Oconee. Anyway, one of my all time favorite songs came on.  I just wanted to share it with you.  Eva Cassidy died way too young at the age of 28 of melanoma.
She was a beautiful songwriter/singer and this is a wonderful song to sit and look at art!
So,,,,that's what I'm doing (in between customers)
I also decided to try out some of my new camera equipment I purchased the other day.
I will say, a speed light is a must have.
So, without further ado.  Some of the artists with whom I work!
First up...
Cathy McIntire
I love the peace fullness of her work
I love, love, love her golfers
Next we have Shannon Candler (actually the horses are Cathy's)
all I know to say is just serenity....
 then there's our incredibly talented wood turner
Mike Johnson.
WOW is what comes to mind
I mean how does he do it????
and I love this by Leah Jackson
and okay, I had to stick one of mine in here.
I mean doesn't your dog always
"Have you AT woof"????
Have a beautiful hump day ya'll!

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