Thursday, September 9, 2010

Growing up with Becky

Lynn and I were walking last night and I asked him about a good friend of ours who is battling cancer.  Actually he's one of "W"s best friends.  Anyway, he's doing okay and just starting chemotherapy.  It's a strange kind of cancer, one that little is known about.
which brings me to Becky....
Actually the Eva Cassidy song I posted yesterday is one that I play over and over in my mind reminding me of Becky.
There's not a day that goes by that I don't think about my best friend that I grew up with.  Becky was one of those that was just always there for me whenever I needed her.  We first met when we were 11.  We immediately became "best friends".  We continued our friendship through college.  She was there for me when my parents divorced.  We were in each others weddings.  We had our first two children weeks apart.  Becky was one of those in high school who won everything.  I mean, I really don't know that I've ever seen anyone who has ever compared.  She was so incredibly humble.  She won class beauty, homecoming queen, everything there was to be won, she did.  She accepted those awards with grace and humility. And to top it off, she loved the Lord!  What a beautiful person and I am so honored to have been a part of her life...

  I want you to know to cherish your friendships.  Spend time with your friends.  Go on trips with them!  Take time out of your day.  You just never know when you might lose the best friend you ever had.
Becky has been gone now for almost three years and I miss her terribly.  My regrets for not spending more time with her are endless.
She is why I paint angels.  She was and is an angel.
I miss you Becky and I know you "by heart"!


  1. Such a dear, sweet post. I grew up in Dothan, went to church with the Clarks - am a couple years older than Abby. My memories of Becky and that precious sweet family are still fresh and always full of admiration! I wish I could have known Becky as a young girl - seems angelic!!!! She lives on through her fabulous girls!!! Thanks for sharing!!!

  2. What a wonderful tribute to your friend. Life is short - live, love and make the most of everything!

  3. Thanks Kendall! Wonderful tribute to a wonderful person. I never met a person who did not adore Becky. And I'll always remember her waving to her friends from her window during the candlelight vigil. Arne Foss

  4. Thanks Kendall. I'll always remember Becky's laugh...It was contagious and always made me smile. Great tribute.

  5. Kendall, that was almost too hard to read. Your comment, "My regrets for not spending more time with her are endless.", made my eyes watery and my throat tighten. Sue and I were very close to Ken and Becky, especially during our Dothan years. We raised our families together, Ken and I started the young married class at FBC, MasterLife, CWT, and so much more, Sue and Becky were like sisters. The wonderful memories of those years ambushed me as I read your post. Thank you. We should all never forget that today--the present--is all we have and that "Love given" is the key to unlocking the desires of the heart. Live with no regrets and use every moment to embrace the only thing in this life that really matters: others.

  6. Beautiful post Kendall and a great reminder to all to cherish those we love.

  7. I just read this. When you sent that email warning us a while back, I just wasn't having a day when reading it would have been a good idea. Today I was ready. I recently received a sweater as a gift. My first thought was, "Mom is going to love this." And then that knee-jerk tear reaction, realizing I wasn't going to get to show her. I wonder if that sort of thing will ever stop happening...I sort of hope not. Thank you so much. Miss you!