Saturday, August 13, 2011

Bennett's first birthday!

FIRST of all, today is the last day of the art sale.  Scroll way down if you are interested.  Still some left but the last couple of days I've sold 8 pieces! Tomorrow, prices go back to normal.
Well, my lil "B" officially turned 1 and boy did we celebrate.
Enough sugar to make the mildest of child go wild.
So, just sit back and enjoy the pics.
Oh, and by the way, the ice cream man WILL come to your house if you call him!
Thought that was a great idea.
The whole party was a huge success.
party favors, cotton candy stuffed in ice cream cones!
 Bennett in his daddy's cowboy boots

 pardon the smudges on the mirror!!! haha!  kids. (Jordan, don't kill me) but it's the only shot I got of Bennett and me.

 the newest of the group!  Baby Lucas

 he didn't know what to think!
 sweet lil B wanted to share
 the best family shot I could get.
 finally the smash cake was smashed! (sort of)

 G-Man was 2nd in line (poor kids!)
 it brought out the kid in him!

 Okay, here's the scenerio.  Evey to Evelyn Ruth.  "Can I have a bite?"

 "Can I have a bite?"  um over and over again,  It was hilarious
 she did get to have some of her ice cream
Gray won the "messiest award"
 and again, "Eveyln Ruth, can I have a bite"
 sweet ER gave her one everytime she asked for it.

 all we could do is strip Gray down and take the hosepipe to him
 G-Man getting some extra sugar
 There's baby Lucas
 and finally, the hostess with the mostess had to hand out party favors and promptly said "okay, it's time for y'all to go home now"!
We had a blast and I think the kids did to.
Next up?  Evey and Evelyn Ruth's birthday party today!
Stay tuned,

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