Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Just Couldn't Wait!

First up!  Art sale is STILL going on.  Scroll down to see whats left.  After the 13th, prices go right on back to normal, so hurry!!!
now, I just couldn't wait
to show you the redecorating of the condo.
I'm still not done, but 3/4 of the way there.  Waiting on the chair to be finished
Here we go.  Oh and it is budget friendly
 After....missing the chair.  And the paint is a slate gray.  Not sure why it's looking green!
Draperies?  Bed bath and beyond with a sewn border because they weren't long enough
Made the pillows
Shades: Home Depot.
I'm not liking the prints above the couch so I may paint something to add some yellow to the room.
this is actually more accurate of the paint color and color of the couch but since it's still dark outside you can't see the shades.  OH, I want my chair to be ready!!!!  And, in the corner are the barstool steals I got from Ballards Backroom!  
Grand total?
Draperies - 100.00
Rod - 30.00
Pillows - well, I had the forms but they were around 30.00 for the fabric
Shades- 75.00
chair and ottoman fabric - 175.00
chair and ottoman recovering - 425.00
2 Barstools 100.00
Total around 935.00
(I'll post another pic with the chair in it.)

Chairs from Overstock.com
Painting? me
basket?  Restoration Hardware Outlet
Painting - well if I sold it, it would be 1,600.00
Chairs - overstock - 95.00 each
Basket - 75.00
Table (we had) but it came from Crate and Barrel
Basically the cost for us was around 475.00
oh and that fan HASGOTTOGO......
I think I'll change it to this
but I hate to cover up the painting, so it may be something less dramatic
now to the bedroom
All bedding and drapery?  Restoration Hardware Outlet
Total cost?
around 400.00
We had the headboard, lamps and "Murat" painting

Have a wonderful and productive day ya'll!!

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  1. It looks INCREDIBLE!!! Oh my gosh you are so talented. What is the fabric that you used to make the pillows on the couch? I LOVE it!