Tuesday, August 16, 2011


Are you addicted yet?
I officially am.
Things I like:
Easy, breezy sangria.  Think I'm gonna make this for some gals tonight.

Jordan and Eric are moving this month and this is what "I" would like for them to put in Evey's bedroom.
We are covering 2 twin headboards in a pink slubby linen (monogrammed of course) and using a ralph lauren wide white/pink stripe for a bed skirt (if it REALLY needs it.)  Then we'll put a striped roll pillow at the bottom of each bed and maybe the stripe as a sham

If you've ever wondered who I REALLY am? This sign says it all
I really am not normal. period

this will be my sister and me when we get older.  I'll be the one with the black on.

I want my thin hair to do this any clue how to do it?

FAB dress.  I want this
last three photos compliments of my precious friendy Erin Ratliff

okay, how cool is this ice bucket?
See why I'm addicted???
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Have a wonderful day y'all
I'm off to try to beat the golf course AGAIN - haha!


  1. Love those two ladies. Made me giggle...Reminds me of my aunts! Have a great day!

  2. Thanks for the shoutout!! I'm glad you got your gifty gift. Hope you liked it! It's my ALL TIME favorite! :)