Sunday, August 7, 2011

What Men Want!!!!

I found out last night that I have a fair amount of male readers!  Yipee! I love entertainting you men!
I however found out that I wasn't puttin the right stuff out there for them to be completely entertained.'s to my male readers.
First up?
my MAIN man (and me)
 they would love to do this on a motorcycle I'm sure of it.
 I bet this is cheap
 and this....
 and this...

 I must have a lil man in me cause I want this!
 or this
 perfect for the man who can't putt.

and finally
a little something to go with that last pic.
In all serious, they also want to know you care about them. that you love them and NO complaining!
That's the worst thing you can do. Let me spell it out for you NO COMPLAINING
I cannot tell you how many times "W" has come home and told me about friends wives and their complaining (no one I know by the way)  I make an honest effort not to complain, but sometimes I just can't help it
Oh, and don't forget the "S" word (the main thing they want).
oops, sorry!
have a great day y'all!
oh, tomorrow?  what women want......(it's a much longer list)
thanks Joe for the suggestion!
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  1. You are a hoot,Kendall Boggs, maybe that is why everyone loves you!!! LOVE Aunt E....