Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Grammar or Grammer? or just English?

Okay, I come from a family where grammar is SOOOOOO important.  Especially to my sweet dad.  So, when I saw this yesterday I said to myself "self" "you're blogging about this tomorrow".
It was in the Huffington Post. Or is it "on"?  oh well......
Anyway, grammar, spelling, and anything having to do with English, is a big deal in my family.
Well, it is to me at least.
Pardon me if I get something incorrect, I promise it is always a typo :)

Okay the "misuse" of "lie" and "lay" is my father's biggest irritant
You "lie" down.  You "lay" something down.

Most of these are spelling errors not grammar errors. 
And, I was SO surprised that they didn't use the improper way of saying this: "Me and Kendall went to dinner last night" (my biggest irritant).  Kids these days improperly use this all the time! It should be "Kendall and I went to dinner last night."  errrrggg.
They also didn't use an example of ending a sentence with a preposition.  Such as:
"Where are you going to"?  Instead it should be "Where are you going"

I take no responsibility with typos in this English lesson.....
and why am I even writing about this?
I type like I talk, so if I use something incorrectly, please know I just don't know no better.
Are you an English fanatic???
Have a great day y'all!

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  1. My husband and I are also grammar police. He has an English degree and I am neurotic. It makes for a fantastic combination when around my East Tennessee family. I think they hate us. :)

    When I read the "Kendall and I..." section I jumped for joy and was also reminded of the subject versus predicate in regards to that matter. If "Kendall and I" are part of the predicate and not the subject then it in fact is "Kendall and me." The president screws that one up frequently and it drives me nuts!

    Please tell me you have read "Eats Shoots and Leaves." You would love it!