Tuesday, August 2, 2011

A funny and an Economical Re-design.

This made my morning!  Sometimes I just feel like this guy! (stolen from my daughter's pinterest)
Okay while I'm on that subject I am officially addicted to pinterest.
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And now,,,,,,I am re-designing our condo in Atlanta.
Here's the before (if you can stand to look at this)...when I painted this blue I had great plans.
Then I got sideswiped. 
 Now I'm painting it this:
The paint is actually darker than this
Here's what we're doin.  Painting the walls a dark grey.  Recovering the chair and ottoman in this: or something similar...

And found these great dining room chairs off overstock.com.  Doin simple barstools from Pottery Barn
adding simple drapery panels from Bed Bath and Beyond in ecru

I'll let you know how it's coming.  All I know is this....Painters paint for a living.  People who don't paint  for a living should not pretend to.  My body is aching from trying um, yes trying to paint the rooms.
Have a wonderful day y'all!

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  1. You're on pinterest?? LOVE IT. I'll be following you ASAP! :)