Monday, August 22, 2011

Tuscany - The Second Day

I'm whipped.  We are cramming so much into our days.
First of all, I'm so excited that we are here with our good friends Tim and Anita H.
Great travel buddies, we are all just "goin with the flow".  Doin a lot of driving and just sightseeing.
and people watchin....(and they watched us back) love the pants
The first thing we did with T and A were the waterfalls at Saturia.  Now, these were supposed to be the most beautiful in the world.   Hello?  I mean, they were nice and all and very therapeautic being hot springs, but we decided it was like the "Walmart" of waterfalls.  (calm down, not slammin Walmart) 
I just believe their are many more beautiful waterfalls in the world.....Still, we had a wonderful time and I have to admit, my body felt better after a little soakin.

 Back to Pitigliano for a daytime lunch consisting, and then of course more gelato..

a quaint little church

a clock!

okay, so around here there are no washers and dryers. (I don't think) at least where we are there aren't any.  So I just had to reference this for myself when I gripe about doing laundry.  Yesterday I decided to do a little hand washing.  In my inept ways of being a "spoiled" housewife, I thought I could just throw a few underclothes over the line.  Well, you should have seen us fishing 2 pieces of garments off a roof with two coat hangers wrapped together. It made for some great afternoon humor. 

This is still in Pitigliano, a winery, oh the smell was intoxicating.

I don't have a clue what this is.

on to Orvieto.   Another quaint but not SO small town in Tuscany.  I think we may go back there today because it was getting late and we rushed through.  Is this not gorgeous????

and a closer view

we just thought this was cool

a beautiful statue one of many we've run in to.

Now how amazing is this.  This is Civita and is sometimes referred to as the Dead City.  You have to walk the pedestrian bridge to access the city. (we didn't)

more people watching!
Aren't they cute!

Back to the villa. We had a 7:00 cocktail hour followed by dinner that was arranged by the owner of the villa.  This was to meet some new friends that were visiting from the US.  We had a wonderful time getting to know them.  So for my benefit and theirs, here are pics of our lovely night last night.  (I gave them my blog address so they can see their pics)
isn't she beautiful?

I took this as a reference because I'm going to paint this when I get home

We cooked our steaks on our own hot stone, very cool!

T and A

the group of us!

one sweet young lady and her adorable grandmother

Larry and his son a Jr. at John's Hopkins.  Dr. and soon to be one.

we've had a lot of this!

Then the group!
What a wonderful trip this has been so far!
Today? Siena to do a little retail therapy!


  1. the contraption you're not sure of ---pretty sure that is an olive press

  2. Sounds like and amazing trip. One of my favorite places on earth...gorgeous!!

  3. Eric here - just thinking that maybe you shouldn't refer to the Haywoods as "T & A." Just an observation. Love ya - hope you are having a blast in Italy!