Sunday, August 14, 2011

Another Sweet Birthday!

Evey and Evelyn Ruth's donut birthday was a HUGE precious princess/ballerina success.
my problem?  Picking out all the cute photos!
I took oh probably 400 photos!
Here we go.  and.....I am officially birthday'd out.

 Lil B LOVED the swing!
and Bennett and Boo had a blast!
 check out these HUGE balloons!!!
 the goodies
 who is this good lookin boy (the older one)?  He's my nephew....and he's single.  And he's a senior at Auburn.

 oh my preciousness...
 Gray cleaned up nicely after the night before!
 Boo giving Lil B his first powdered donut.  It was a big hit.


In true Evey form, she had to make sure Evelyn blew her candles out right.
 Mr. Wonderful had a blast with Lil B
we got home and I decided to try out my new lens that one of my besties "E" gave me for MY birthday.
Check out the full moon!
Thank you "E"!!!!
Have a wonderful day y'all!
Mr. W and I are gonna get in a round of golf this A.M.
I'm going to beat my best score from last week, I just feel it!  But if I three putt like I did last week, you WILL hear me scream over the computer......errrrgggg


  1. Soooooo cute, sweet and precious - both your grandchildren!!!! When will we see wedding photos???

  2. What an adorable party for two precious girls. Love all of the pink especially the pink and white straws, and the donuts...yum!! Hope you beat the golf course today ~

  3. Amazing party!! How precious! And what an awesome lens!! That pic is great :)