Wednesday, August 17, 2011

A No Name Desert

I have no idea what the name of this desert is.  WAIT! is desert spelled with one s or 2? oh well.
It's one for me today.
Anyway, yesterday was such a lovely day.  Not just the weather but a friend of mine came to the Ritz out here and brought 3 of her friends (who are now my friends too!)
We had a beautiful (not that the score indicated) round of golf and then had dinner here at my home.
So, getting to the dessert. (change up, it's 2 s's I'm sure of it)
So, here's the finished product.
It is yummerlicious and I'm gonna show you how to make it.
It's one of "W"s favorite desserts.
Here's the ingredients:

and you'll need a springform pan

Let the ice cream get slightly melted (only slightly)

 I thought this looked so beautiful, like a beautiful cake!'s the vanilla ice cream 

line the spring form pan with lady fingers (found in the homemade cookie section at Publix)

sprinkle english toffee bits on the bottom (oh spray pam around the sides and on the bottom)

 Cut 1/3 of the ice cream and place on top of the bottom of the pan

spread it out smoothly

sprinkle evenly more toffee

add another layer of ice cream

 and more toffee

and more ice cream

top it off with the rest of the toffee

 let it re freeze and then just before serving take it out of the pan.
This is what it looks like at this point

 drizzle yummy hot fudge over the top

and top with raspberries!

Have a wonderful day y'all!
getting packed for Tuscany....CANNOT WAIT!!!

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  1. looks yummy! just fyi, you can remember the spelling bc you always want 2 servings of dessert = 2 s's in the word dessert. :)